GUITAR & BASSCustom work & setups, including fret replacement and body cavity routing and wiring. 
We offer oil & laquer finishes, and custom spray finishing. We also undertake custom pickup winding.

AMPLIFIERS AND PRE-AMPSTube & solid state, analogue and digital. Repairs, modifications and custom

PRO AUDIOAll equipment found in industry-standard recording studios, including analogue and digital recorders,
mixing consoles, processors, samplers and multi-track recorders

KEYBOARDSElectronic & electromechanical (Rhodes & Wurlitzer pianos, Hammond organs and Hohner

EFFECTSEffects processors, guitar effects pedals

SPEAKERS AND MICROPHONES — Diaphragm or driver replacement only. No condenser diaphragm
cleaning or speaker reconing services offered at this time

LIVE SOUNDPA equipment and DJ Mixers 

PERIPHERALSDrum machines, sound modules, sequencers and MIDI controllers

DESIGN & MODIFICATIONSElectronic audio circuit design; Custom modifications; Custom
guitars & basses